Buying new, being energy efficient

Minimising our impact on the environment – maximising the quality of your home. You could save up to £1,685* a year on your energy bills with a new Morris home.

We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment so the way we build your homes reflects this. The traditional exteriors of our homes are constructed using the latest methods and materials to provide optimum energy efficiency and minimise CO2 emissions.
These measures help you to live in a more energy efficient way and to significantly reduce the running costs of your new home.

Considering the planet before we start to build

...that's a Morris home

See how the energy efficiency of a new home compares with an older home

A traditional Victorian home...

A Morris home...


Morris homes are built to exacting performance levels making them more energy efficient than traditional Victorian homes, generating considerable savings on fuel and water bills against less energy efficient homes from this period.


According to the National Home Improvement Council, carrying out just basic improvements on a Victorian home to meet modern standards of energy efficiency can cost thousands of pounds.


Through modern efficiencies in a new Morris home, the average water consumption per person, per day is reduced by 25%* compared to an older Victorian home.

The benefits of buying a new Morris home

Optimise Energy Performance

The average rating of a Morris home on its energy performance certificate is B. Compare this to the average rating of a second hand home on Rightmove and you can see that a new Morris home will save you money.

Loft Insulation

We certainly won’t let your heating and bills go through the roof. Every Morris home is insulated with a massive 450mm thick blanket.

Minimised Air Leakage

Air leakage is a well known energy waster. Morris Homes minimise the air that escapes through gaps behind skirting boards, plaster board and electrical sockets. Every individual home is tested before you move in to ensure it meets the stringent air tightness rate we aspire to.

Fully Insulated Floor and External Walls

The external walls of every Morris home incorporate a fully insulated 100mm wide cavity and the floors are insulated with 270mm of dense foam. Both of these prevent heat escape and means a cosy home and big savings.

Thermal Insulated Separating Walls

Where a Morris home includes an integral garage, extra insulation is added to the walls and ceiling around the garage to ensure there are no cold spots within the home.

Efficient Heating System

So you can enjoy optimum fuel efficiency and lower bills, every Morris home is fitted with an A* rated energy efficient boiler. The heating system itself including all pipe runs and the size of every radiator is designed by a heating engineer to ensure every element is optimised.

Thermal Double Glazing

Every window is double glazed to offer even more thermal and acoustic insulation.

Dedicated Energy Efficient Light Fittings

To further reduce your energy bills, dedicated energy efficient light fittings are installed throughout your home.

Carefully Selected Appliances

We only select energy efficient appliances from our premium brand partners, ensuring energy efficiency as well as practicality and durability – which could make a big difference to your fuel economy.

Individual Thermostatic Room Control

A combination of thermostatic radiator control valves and additional zone control thermostats are fitted to provide heating zones so that every part of your home can be controlled individually to make it more efficient. That way, you’re in charge of how much you’re using… and spending.

When buying a new Morris home you can rest assured that alongside our premium specification, thoughtfully designed layouts and unmistakable character, your home has been crafted with energy efficiency at the core – saving you money for the things that matter in life.